Piraye Erdem, Atty. at Law (ACI’80) Standing Member - Chair Institutions under the umbrella of SEV add value to society by helping develop individuals who have strong social awareness and intellectual skills. As a volunteer, I have always taken pleasure in contributing and giving back to my alma mater and all the SEV schools. On behalf of the board of directors, we are excited to take over this honorable task for the next three years. We will focus on our mission, in alignment with our values, and work to continually improve the quality of our educational programs. As pioneers in the world of education, we will further transform into an institution which is “a learner as much as a teacher” as we create the future together.
Canan Özsoy (UAA’80) Standing Member - Vice Chair I have always felt the support of my school in all my achievements in life. I have lived the values it instilled in me, and the need to learn how to learn and, as an individual, to be of use to myself first and then to the society in which I live.
Berna Ülman (UAA’83) Standing Member - Treasurer The Health and Education Foundation has a strong history in raising modern-thinking, versatile individuals in Turkey who can make a difference. Building on this solid foundation, I am very proud to be a part of a team that will carry the Foundation to an even brighter future, and I deeply feel the responsibility of this confidence, which is very meaningful for me personally.
Esra Yazıcı Tözge (ACI’84) Standing Member I believe that a fully functional society and the world is possible through the efforts of individuals who are responsible, sensitive, fair, persevering, and inclusive who have a modern vision and values. The operations of our schools, which have been home to thousands of students and graduates over the last 150 years, will need to follow a sustainable model in order to continue cultivating these traits for the centuries to come. The goal of our foundation is to ensure the sustainability of our schools. Bringing my experience in education, professional life, and in society, it is my personal priority to contribute to the institutionalization, empowerment, and promotion of the Foundation in the most effective way, and to support its collaboration with the schools, graduates, and associations within an ideal governance structure.
Ali Uzun (ACI’01) Standing Member As I move ahead in life and take on new responsibilities, I understand more deeply the value and contribution of the education I received in middle and high school as well as the environment I grew up in. I am proud that my schoolmates are making a difference with their achievements and with their very characters. As I get to know our sister schools and our graduates from different generations, I realize that I am a member of a much larger family than I thought during my studies here. Throughout my life, I have learned through much experience and observation that the development of educational institutions is directly proportional to the grduates taking ownership and providing support to the institution. I want to protect these uniquely beautiful resources overseen by the Foundation and contribute to their development in a way that creates value not only in Turkey, but also at the international level.
Pelin Urgancılar (UAA’93) Standing Member A world-class education not only prepares students for professional life, it also paves the way for a developed and modern society by raising well-qualified, self-confident and respectful individuals. At SEV, in pursuit of constant self-improvement, we will continue to be the pioneers for a new visionary generation.
H. Ruhi Koçak (TAC’84) Standing Member My personal mission is to give back by transferring my knowledge, which is the accumulation of my education at the school and of my life experience, to the next generations, and by doing things which would benefit my SEV family and my country.
Önder Kaplancık (TAC’87) Standing Member In a world of rapid change, I am taking responsibility to contribute to the long-established mission of SEV Institutions to raise individuals who are self-confident, sensitive to the environment and society, who think positively and are citizens of the world.
Rasim Küçükkurt (TAC’84) Standing Member The education process, which starts from the moment we are born, enables privileged individuals to thrive in quality environments. I am happy to serve as part of SEV to contribute to raising young adults with strong social skills and knowledge who will build the future through equal opportunities.
Feyyaz Ünal (ACI’00) Reserve Member I entered American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, of the Health and Education Foundation, to learn and departed it to serve. With my experience in business and NGOs, I will support the development of our Foundation's human resources in the provision of necessary resources to ensure that the physical and social capacities of our Foundation's schools are above global standards. I believe that the mission of our Foundation of raising self-confident, successful individuals who serve their conmmunities for more than a century, with an 'education first' mindset, should be further developed. As someone who cares about the interests of all parties affected by the decisions made, who believes in the importance of consultation and managing with a common consensus, I will serve in the Board of the Health and Education Foundation to the best of my energy and experience.
Ömür Kula (ACI’99) Reserve Member I believe that quality education transforms a child's life with an unparalleled impact. When I look at the current state of the world, I see that humanity, which has advanced in so many fields, is standing still in many aspects of education. There are good schools, but their numbers are decreasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a good school. As someone who attended ACI for 7 years, I am more aware than ever of the privilege I had during those seven years. I would like this quality and good education to be sustainable, to reach a wider population through equal opportunities and the good practices stemming from it to permeate every aspect of education, and for this, we need to work. There are definitely things that I can do for my school, where I entered to learn and departed to serve, by taking responsibility. That is why I'm a part of SEV.
Özlem Cinemre (UAA’84) Reserve Member For me, being a SEV member means a life-long privilege, a firmer foothold, not giving into challenges, and the desire to always achieve better.
Sitare Sezgin (ACI’92) Reserve Member At the Health Education Foundation ( SEV ), I am very happy to contribute to the growth of modern, responsible and self-confident young people who are sensitive to the needs of society and work for equal opportunities in education.
Zeynep Keskin (UAA’84) Reserve Member Each SEV student not only throws their cap to the air on commencement day, they move up to a higher level in life. With our 150-year-old values, we enjoy the privilege of being a lifelong learner by continuing to learn, share, add value, help each other, and have fun in this one grand "class." In other words, one does not graduate from SEV, one always remains a SEV member.
Arzu Erdem, Prof. (UAA’79) Reserve Member For 150 years, SEV has been working hard to raise individuals who contribute to their society while upholding its values. Walking along this important road with valuable people makes us feel proud and happy to the fullest. With this responsibility, I will carry out my duty in society by shedding light on individuals who make a difference in every field from education to culture, from sports to art.
Önder Yol (TAC’81) Reserve Member SEV, of which I am a proud member, guides individuals who are passionate, questioning and shaping the future. It stands out as a leader in Turkish education, representing a reputable, trusted, long-established wealth of knowledge and experience. SEV develops its experience and education culture from past to present and adapts it to the changing needs of the society.
Muzaffer Okay (TAC’84) Reserve Member SEV, which has an important place in the Turkish education system, promotes quality educational services in Turkey hence improving the educational development of the country while upholding its values. The foundations of strong future generations are built with 150-year-old SEV values.
Ozan Gürsoy (TAC’92) Reserve Member Being a member of SEV requires doing your best in respecting the past, taking ownership of the legacy, and contributing to the growth of happy and global-minded individuals.
All Chairpersons of the SEV Board of Directors
2021 December - Piraye Erdem 2015-2021 Mehmet T. Nane 2012-2015 Ceyda Aydede 2006-2012 Erhan Dumanlı
2001-2006 Tamer Şahinbaş 2001-2001 Mehmet Gür 2000-2001 Güner Baykal 1998-2000 Muhteşem Ekenler
1994-1998 Yaşar Yaşer 1974-1994 Yılmaz Poda 1968-1974 Harold Schoup

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