Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Health and Education Foundation is formed through an election by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees and Board of Directors consist of members who are mostly graduates of American Colleges and they work voluntarily for the Foundation.

At the Health and Education Foundation, various operational functions are performed through Committees comprised of Board members, Foundation professionals, and volunteer alumni. The greater purpose of these committees is to capture and transfer the institutional knowledge of the Foundation and schools to future generations. In guiding the strategic direction of the Foundation, these Committees also allow Board members to share their expertise in a structured and focused manner.

 to read the message of the Chair of the Board of Directors, Attorney Piraye Erdem.

The following committees serve the main operational areas of the Health and Education Foundation as we work to improve education and ensure its sustainability:

  • Estate Development and Construction Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Corporate Governance Committee
  • Project and Resource Development Committee
  • Legal Affairs Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Auditing Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Sports, Arts and Sciences Committee
  • IT, Digital and Educational Technologies Committee
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications Committee
  • Alumni Council

In the Plenary Session held on 11 December 2021, the new Board of Directors were decided on by the Board of Trustees. The new board consists of professionals who pursue an active business life in different senior executive positions in various sectors.

Piraye Erdem, Atty. at Law (ACI’80)

Standing Member - Chair

Institutions under the umbrella of SEV add value to society by hel...

Canan Özsoy (UAA’80)

Standing Member - Vice Chair

I have always felt the support of my school in all my achievements...

Berna Ülman (UAA’83)

Standing Member - Treasurer

The Health and Education Foundation has a strong history in raisin...

Esra Yazıcı Tözge (ACI’84)

Standing Member

I believe that a fully functional society and the world is possibl...

Ali Uzun (ACI’01)

Standing Member

As I move ahead in life and take on new responsibilities, I unders...

Pelin Urgancılar (UAA’93)

Standing Member

A world-class education not only prepares students for professiona...

H. Ruhi Koçak (TAC’84)

Standing Member

My personal mission is to give back by transferring my knowledge, ...

Önder Kaplancık (TAC’87)

Standing Member

In a world of rapid change, I am taking responsibility to contribu...

Rasim Küçükkurt (TAC’84)

Standing Member

The education process, which starts from the moment we are born, e...

Feyyaz Ünal (ACI’00)

Reserve Member

I entered American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, of the Health an...

Ömür Kula (ACI’99)

Reserve Member

I believe that quality education transforms a child's life with an...

Özlem Cinemre (UAA’84)

Reserve Member

At the Health Education Foundation ( SEV ), I am very happy to con...

Sitare Sezgin (ACI’92)

Yedek Üye

Sağlık Eğitim Vakfı ( SEV ) olarak toplumun ihtiyaçlarına duyarlı...

Zeynep Keskin (UAA’84)

Reserve Member

Each SEV student not only throws their cap to the air on commencem...

Arzu Erdem, Prof. Dr. (UAA’79)

Reserve Member

For 150 years, SEV has been working hard to raise individuals who ...

Önder Yol (TAC’81)

Reserve Member

SEV, of which I am a proud member, guides individuals who are pass...

Muzaffer Okay (TAC’84)

Reserve Member

SEV, which has an important place in the Turkish education system,...

Ozan Gürsoy (TAC’92)

Reserve Member

Being a member of SEV requires doing your best in respecting the p...

All Chairpersons of the SEV Board of Directors