Berna Ülman (UAA’83)

Standing Member - Treasurer

An Üsküdar American Academy graduate, Ms. Ülman graduated from Boğaziçi University’s Department of Business Administration. She received her masters degree in finance from the University of Tennessee. After working at Tokai Bank in New York, she moved to Koç Finans where she worked for five years.

She joined Visa Turkey in 2000 as an Assistant General Manager, was promoted to General Manager in 2003, and Regional General Manager in 2008, with responsibility for visa-related work in Romania and Israel. She completed the EU Relations program at Bilgi University to enhance her professional background and currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Visa.

"The Health and Education Foundation has a strong history in raising modern-thinking, versatile individuals in Turkey who can make a difference. Building on this solid foundation, I am very proud to be a part of a team that will carry the Foundation to an even brighter future, and I deeply feel the responsibility of this confidence, which is very meaningful for me personally. "
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