SEV Board of Trustees

Health and Education Foundation takes on as its guiding principle to nurture globally minded, well-rounded, happy individuals through their global perspective and holistic education.

In the light of this principle, I am happy to serve SEV, an organization of consistent growth, teaching and learning in the capacity of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

SEV and its affiliated institutions are driven by the mission of improving quality of education as well as ensuring sustainability in education, and of raising individuals who make positive contributions to society by way of their academic achievements and social consciousness which have been a part of their combined, time-honored history of over 150 years.

Our Board of Trustees will continue to work towards the objectives of ensuring the continuity of the Health and Education Foundation and securing the long-term services planned within the vision of SEV.

All members of the SEV Family act with a global citizenship mindset, translating knowledge into action in contributing to the creation of a peaceful, equitable, fair and sustainable world.

At each of our institutions, which have been synonymous with success and leadership in Turkey, our journey towards further improvement continues in order to be worthy of the confidence placed in us by raising caring individuals with strong sense of social responsibility who will be the builders of the future.

Sait Tosyalı
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Health and Education Foundation

SEV Board of Trustees

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