1. How do individuals and organizations donate to Health and and its institutions?

2. How are donations made to SEV utilized?

3. How are donations diverted to a particular school?

4. Are the donations made to SEV subject to tax exemption by the Council of Ministers?

5. Is SEV audited by an independent audit firm?

6. What are the donation amounts for the ’Bir İz de Sen Bırak!’, ‘Bir Meşale de Sen Yak!’ and ‘Bir Tuğla da Sen Koy!’ programs designed for graduates?

7. What are the options for donors who wish to grant scholarships to successful students with limited financial means attending SEV schools?

8. What is the maximum amount of donation for the Matching Fund, known as Graduate Class Scholarships?

9. What is the deadline for donating for the Matching Funds?

10. How can we donate for the Matching Fund?

11. Can the donations made through Matching Fund be named?

12. What is an Endowment Fund? What is the donation amount?

13. What are the payment options for the Endowment Fund?

14. When does the endowment fund start to be used?

15. How is the return of the endowment fund used for a specific student later diverted after the said student graduates?

16. Do donors play an active role in the selection of the students they would support?

17. What else can be supported other than need-based scholarships?

18. What is the minimum donation amount for the Academic Development & Chair Funds?

19. Is naming possible when donating to the Academic Development & Chair Funds?

20. Are naming programs offered on the campuses of SEV schools?

21. How much should be donated for the Naming Campus Facilities Programs?

22. Does SEV accept estate donations?

23. Can we make donations in kind to SEV?

24. Can donations in kind be named?

25. Does SEV offer special day donations?

26. Can special day donations be made in name?

27. Can I donate to SEV donation programs via SMS?

28. Who should be contacted to make a donation?