Üsküdar American Academy

Established in 1876, Üsküdar American Academy is one of the oldest schools in Turkey. Throughout our nearly 150-year history, our students have excelled in academics while becoming virtuous young people who can think freely. Üsküdar American Academy continues to pursue “excellence in education” in a time of rapid change within the Turkish culture. Visit the web site.

American Collegiate Institute

American Collegiate Institute's most distinguishing feature, which dates back to 1878, is its historic campus with a modern infrastructure. At ACI, national values are never compromised—students are expected to be conscious of their own culture while becoming global citizens. Witness to the proclamation of the republic, ACI has always walked with determination and perseverance on the intellectual path opened by Atatürk. Visit the web site.

Tarsus American College

Tarsus American College has been educating students on principles of democratic ideals and scientific thought since 1888. TAC is one of the most storied and prestigious educational institutions in Turkey. It was accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools) in 2007, demonstrating that its educational standards are internationally recognized. Visit the web site.

SEV American College

SEV American College opened its doors in September 2014 as the newest member of the Health and Education Foundation's American high schools. Given the need in Turkey for quality high schools, particularly in Istanbul, SAC builds on the traditions put into practice at the other three high schools, with a mission to nurture tomorrow's successful leaders at its acclaimed school campus. Visit the web site.

SEV Schools

SEV Schools is a Turkish private school that has been providing education under the Ministry of National Education since 1997. The school is located in different campuses as preschool in Çekmeköy Campus, elementary school in Çamlıca Campus, and middle school in Çekmeköy Campus. Based on Atatürk's principles and reforms, it prepares its students for a higher education institution in a multicultural setting with the technologies that contemporary education envisions. Visit the web site.

İzmir SEV Schools

İzmir SEV Schools is an educational institution that is deeply committed to Atatürk's principles and reforms and has adopted teaching and learning methods prescribed by modern education to nurture multi-faceted individuals who are responsible, self-confident, and enjoy learning. İzmir SEV students have a strong sense of pride in their national culture while respecting differences. Visit the web site.

Tarsus SEV Schools

Tarsus SEV Schools began with 99 students in the National Pact in 1997 and grew progressively to maintain the education strategy that American High Schools had successfully applied at the primary education level for more than a century. The Secondary School serves in the Centennial, Friendship, and Maynard buildings within the campus shared by TAC, and the Primary School is just across the way in an iconic building with modern architecture. Visit the web site.


SEV Yayıncılık Eğitim ve Ticaret A.Ş. (SEV Publishing) was established in 1997 as an economic enterprise of the Health and Education Foundation. SEV Publishing, known to many as Redhouse Publishing, has published works in many different fields and offers a diverse range of products, including Redhouse dictionaries, which have a 150-year history and have been owned by the majority of Turks at some point in their lives. Visit the web site.