Feyyaz Ünal (ACI’00)

Reserve Member

Feyyaz Ünal was born in İzmir in 1982. He completed his secondary education at the American Collegiate Institute in İzmir in 2000 and graduated from Koç University’s Department of Business Administration in 2004. He started his professional career at ARGE Danışmanlık as a Management Consultant. He has served as the Planning and Business Development Manager, Assistant General Manager, Executive Committee Member and member of the Board of Directors, respectively, since 2006 at Batı Anadolu Group, comprised of Batıçim, Batısöke, Batıenerji, Batıbeton and Batıliman companies. He currently continues his role as a Member of the Board at Batı Anadolu Yatırım Ticaret A.Ş.

His work with professional organizations is extensive. He was an Advisory Board member at the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, serving as its Chairman of the Board of Directors during the 2019-2021 term; a Member of the Sectors Council at the Turkish Exporters Assembly; Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), Vice-Chairman at the Taider Family Businesses Association; and a board member of TÜSİAD, ESIAD (Industrialists and Businessmen Association of the Aegean Region), ‘Young Success’ Education Foundation, Aegean Forest Foundation, and Health and Education Foundation. He also authored a book titled “Cevaplar Şirketin İçinde: Bir Aile Şirketi Hikayesi” (Answers Inside the Company: The Story of a Family Business). He is married with two children.

"I entered American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, of the Health and Education Foundation, to learn and departed it to serve. With my experience in business and NGOs, I will support the development of our Foundation's human resources in the provision of necessary resources to ensure that the physical and social capacities of our Foundation's schools are above global standards. I believe that the mission of our Foundation of raising self-confident, successful individuals who serve their conmmunities for more than a century, with an 'education first' mindset, should be further developed. As someone who cares about the interests of all parties affected by the decisions made, who believes in the importance of consultation and managing with a common consensus, I will serve in the Board of the Health and Education Foundation to the best of my energy and experience. "