Ömür Kula (ACI’99)

Reserve Member

Completing an undergraduate program in Economics, Ms. Kula received her master’s degree in Visual Arts Communication and Design from Sabancı University. She has been working in the private sector in the field of communications for about 12 years, with expertise in brand strategies. After working as the Strategic Planning Director at DDB Turkey, she joined the founding team of Finansbank Enpara.com, specializing in product/service design and customer experience design. She has served as the General Manager of Tribal WW Istanbul advertising agency for four years. Following her role as General Manager at R/GA Istanbul, she became the founding partner of Primer Brand and Design Consulting. Most recently, Ms. Kula, who is also a member of the Board of the Turkish Advertisers Association, was admitted to the "World Fellows" leadership training for an intensive four-month academic program at Yale University in 2021.

"I believe that quality education transforms a child's life with an unparalleled impact. When I look at the current state of the world, I see that humanity, which has advanced in so many fields, is standing still in many aspects of education. There are good schools, but their numbers are decreasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a good school. As someone who attended ACI for 7 years, I am more aware than ever of the privilege I had during those seven years. I would like this quality and good education to be sustainable, to reach a wider population through equal opportunities and the good practices stemming from it to permeate every aspect of education, and for this, we need to work. There are definitely things that I can do for my school, where I entered to learn and departed to serve, by taking responsibility. That is why I'm a part of SEV."