Pelin Urgancılar (UAA’93)

Standing Member

A graduate of UAA’93, Pelin Urgancılar graduated from Marmara University Department of International Relations in 1997. She started her business career in Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges / Istanbul Stock Exchange. She worked as Sales Manager during the start-up of and opened the company’s office in Dubai. She was one of three people that started the operations of Hay Group, one of the top HR Consulting companies, in Turkey. She worked at Hay Group for six years, first as Business Development Manager, later as Marketing Director of Southeast Europe. She is the founder of Solid Consulting Partners and a partner of the RBL Group, a leading global professional services firm, since 2008.

She helps leaders build intangible value in their organizations by helping them clarify strategy, define the culture needed and make change happen as necessary. Ms. Urgancılar teaches and facilitates at the convergence of strategy, organization, culture, talent and leadership. She is the author of the Turkey chapter of the Global HR Competencies: Mastering Competitive Value Chapter from the Outside, McGraw-Hill Publishing 2012.

"A world-class education not only prepares students for professional life, it also paves the way for a developed and modern society by raising well-qualified, self-confident and respectful individuals. At SEV, in pursuit of constant self-improvement, we will continue to be the pioneers for a new visionary generation. "