Ozan Gürsoy (TAC’92)

Reserve Member

Mr. Gürsoy received his undergraduate degree in Public Administration from Middle East Technical University’s Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1996, and his masters degree in International Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham in 2003. He received senior management training through the "Advanced Management Program (AMP)" at Harvard University in 2016. Mr. Gürsoy, who started as an assistant inspector trainee at the Inspection Board of İşbank in 1996, became the Assistant Manager at the Corporate Loan Allocation Department in 2006, and took on the role of Division Manager in the same department.

He became the Manager of the Commercial Banking Products Department in 2011 and Manager of Gebze Corporate Branch in 2015, and was promoted to Assistant General Manager in May 2020.

"Being a member of SEV requires doing your best in respecting the past, taking ownership of the legacy, and contributing to the growth of happy and global-minded individuals. "
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