The Chair of the Board of Directors, Attorney Piraye Erdem

Piraye Erdem, Atty. At Law, Chair of the Board of Directors

Established by the graduates of its schools and overseen by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors, who serve as volunteers, the Health and Education Foundation aims to sustain and improve the institutions under its umbrella, including seven schools and SEV Publishing, with the principle that serving in education is serving the community.

As the Board of Directors of the 2022-24 term, selected by the esteemed members of the Board of Trustees, we are very keen to perform this honorable duty for the next three years. I, personally, am very happy to undertake the prestigious role of the Chair of the Board of the Health and Education Foundation after serving in the capacity of member of the Board of Trustees and of the Board of Directors. My friends and I believe that the most valuable legacy for the future is raising healthy individuals, educated within a holistic vision of education, who care about their community. To this end, we are honored to provide our students with a rich and transformative education and hence contribute to their growth as individuals with curiosity and integrity who respect their environment, others, and nature.

As the Health and Education Foundation, we adopt international standards in education in a developing and changing world. Our main goal is to improve and sustain our educational institutions which graduate young adults who stand out and make a difference with their academic bacground and social awareness. Carrying a strong tradition from the past to the future, our Foundation promotes high quality services in education which help shape the Turkish education system while educating self-confident individuals who know what they want.

Instilling the values of integrity, respect, trust, responsibility, curiosity and inquisitiveness—which have defined us for over 150 years—we nurture young adults who are happy, versatile, are globally minded, and who positively impact the world.

As the Foundation, we strive to realign our experience and long established academic culture with the perspectives and visions of today's students and parents. Through our dedication and passion, which has long become a trademark in Turkish education, we continue to be the learning guides for individuals who will build the future.

Our vision requires us to continuously improve the services we offer and to protect our integral values while using the tools of the modern world.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is comprised of professionals who actively hold senior executive positions in various sectors. You can find detailed information about our Board of Directors, all of whom are graduates of Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, and Tarsus American College, on this page.

As we work towards our goals with the confidence brought by our accumulated experience, knowledge, and the creative energy of our institutions, we will need your continued invaluable support.

Greetings and best regards,

Piraye Erdem, Atty. At Law
Chair of the Board of the Directors
Health and Education Foundation