We can contribute significantly to the community and youth by acting together

Burçak Çilingiroğlu Küçükusta, for ACI Class of '00

Donation Program: Graduate Class Scholarship

I graduated from ACI in 2000. I then went on to study Economics at Sabancı University and earned an Executive MBA from Boğaziçi University. I currently work at Çilingiroğlu A.Ş., our family business. Attending ACI shaped our lives and made a difference in our higher education and careers. You understand its value much better after graduation. We still preserve our great friendships. We as the Class of 2000 lost two very dear classmates and we all wanted to commemorate them by giving a scholarship to a child with limited financial means.

We are delighted that a very successful young student has found a chance to benefit from quality education. It is very gratifying to be able to give to such a good cause. It makes us happy to contribute to the school that has given so much to us. As graduates, we actually have huge potential. By taking action together we can contribute significantly to the community and youth. Coming together to offer a scholarship, with the most advanced communication devices available today is not that hard at all. You can start everything with only a WhatsApp group.

Interview Date: November 2017

Röportaj Tarihi: Kasım 2017