Feride Alp Walter, on behalf of UAA 1967 Graduates

Donation Type: Graduating Class Scholarship My connection with Üsküdar American High School begins in 1937 No, I'm not that old of a graduate. Here's just the story: My grandfather, the winner of the Independence Medal, Dr. Fuat Bayraktar is the pioneer of the revolutions of the modern Republic of Turkey. My mother enrolls Nurhan in Üsküdar American School to learn foreign languages and western culture. My mother, who attended secondary school in Üsküdar, would graduate from Izmir American High School in 1942 My childhood will always be spent with the school memories he told me and the names of Mr Blake, Miss Parsons and Miss Green; Sports days, picnics, concerts and of course their various pranks will be the colors of these stories.

I continued our family tradition by entering Üsküdar American High School in 1960 The education, work discipline and self-confidence I gained at school were the biggest support for me both in America, where I went with the AFS scholarship, and in my university and working life. Following my graduation from Robert College with my master's degree in 1971, my position as Vice President of the English Preparatory Department at Boğaziçi University ended in 1979 when I went abroad. However, he continued there as a Turkish teacher at the University of London. In the 1990s and 2000s, my working life changed direction thanks to the flexible perspective I gained at our school; He continued to work in organizations that support international trade, such as the General Secretary of the Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Marketing Manager of the Middle East Association.

The education at our school undoubtedly contributed greatly to my colorful business life. But the most important thing he gave me was our friendships that lasted over the years. This closeness with my classmates, which is as warm as a brotherly bond, is the biggest reason why I am a pioneer in the Graduating Class Scholarship.