“A New Perspective on Teachers’ Professional Learning” Desk Research Report
21 December 2023
SEV Çekmeköy Campus Received Leed Certification for its Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Approach
21 February 2024

Desk Research: “Schools as Learning Organizations”

The resulting report of the desk research titled “Schools as Learning Organizations”, conducted by our Research and Impact Department with the purpose of taking a closer look at the concept of ‘learning organization’, is completed. The report includes the history of the concept of ‘learning organization’, its implications on schools, research conducted in this area, tools which have been developed to measure the extent to which an institution is a learning organization, OECD's model of ‘School as a Learning Organization’ model as well as the attempts to use the approach as a system. Click here to read our report, which aims to present a summary of a wide range of literature.