SEV Çekmeköy Campus Received Leed Certification for its Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Approach
21 February 2024

“The Misak-ı Millî Muhtar Kent STEM Laboratory” was opened on TAC campus

The Muhtar Kent STEM Laboratory, which was built in the historical Misak-ı Milli building on the TAC campus, was opened with a ceremony attended by our Foundation’s executives, TAC and Tarsus SEV Schools’ administrators, teachers, students and graduates.

This modern laboratory offers students the opportunity to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The Misak-ı Milli building will continue to live on as a science center that will shed light on the future of young people as a STEM Laboratory. The STEM Laboratory of the renovated and reinforced building has become a center that brings students together with science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics with a contemporary education approach. Equipped with a Wood Workshop, FAB Lab & Precious Plastics Center, Podcast Studio, Recording Studio, Music Rehearsal Room, Virtual Reality Studio and Classroom sections, this laboratory takes an important step towards supporting young minds and raising future leaders, scientists, engineers and technologists.

We would like to thank Mr. Muhtar Kent and everyone who contributed to this great project.