Yonca Karaben Sözen, ACI'87

Donation Program: Light a Torch!

Please tell us about yourself.
I graduated from ACI in 1987. After studying at Vesalius College in Brussels, I started my career in finance in 1991 in Istanbul. While working, I also earned my master's degree in International Banking at Marmara University. In 1999, I moved to the US where I worked in the finance sector until 2004. I then set up my own trade business where I still continue to work. I am married and have a son in college. In 2017, my first novel “Bir” (One) was published by Doğan Kitap. I am currently working on the English translation of “Bir” and a second novel.

What does it mean to be from ACI?
I believe that you need to take the same amount of responsibility to enjoy the beauty of life and to face up to its challenges. We are able to experience this awareness and confidence as part of everyday life thanks to the education and the vision we gained at ACI. The friendships which started at school and grew after graduation and the support we continue to receive from one another along the way make life easier and more satisfying.

In addition to the academic disciplines we took at our school, we also participated in a variety of social activities, and engaged in sports, arts and culture. Over the years, we can appreciate how they all prepared us for the life ahead.

Your support changes many young people’s lives and the future of a community. How does that make you feel?
I think one of the most effective ways of moving forward from where we are in life is to believe in the power of unity. Acting in unison as a team is undoubtedly one of the conditions for growing in a healthy manner. In this context, the torches need to be lit together to shine a bright light. This is our greatest wealth. Of course, knowing that the torches you light will help to raise bright and free thinking young people well-versed in sciences and philosophy gives you a different kind of happiness and peace of mind.

What is your message to potential donors?
As a proud alumnus who wholeheartedly believes in the projects and initiatives that SEV and alumni associations undertake, I hope we always continue to maintain our stance and grow our support for brighter lives and future.

Interview Date: November 2017


Röportaj Tarihi: Kasım 2017