Our most valuable resource is our people.

Our Policy is

  • To maintain a strong organizational structure comprised of innovative, progressive professionals who contribute to the mission and strategic goals of the Foundation and the institutions we serve
  • To build and maintain efficient human resources processes, including the training and cultivation of educational leaders who will carry our institutions into the future
  • To promote an institutional culture embodied in the motto “one institution, one voice” by enabling all constituents to share scientific and cultural knowledge, to express creative ideas and differing opinions in professional settings, and treat each other with unparalleled equality, trust, and respect
  • To design and implement forward-looking institutional processes that advance the objectives of the Foundation while increasing the motivation and efficiency of our workforce
  • To continually invest in professional development in recognition of the fact that our people are our most valuable resource
The priority of SEV American Schools is to educate our students in safe learning environments. The Health and Education Foundation recruitment process strictly adheres to the CIS International Child Protection Task Force standards and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Foreign Faculty
  • We hire international educators from around the world to work with students at all our schools. Teachers interested in working with us can go to teachabroadturkey.com to learn more about working in our schools and submit their CV for consideration.

You can send your CVs to kariyer@sev.org.tr.

Personal Data Protection Text for Employees


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